Jul. 25th, 2011

goddamn it

Jul. 25th, 2011 01:16 am
tellytubby101: (HUH?!)
So, I was brushing my hair, singing in the bathroom - as I'm quite apt to do when I'm alone - and then I look into the upper left hand corner of the mirror. It reflected a giant huntsman spider hanging on my ceiling.

LOOKING AT ME. WE HELD EYE CONTACT - yes, it was THAT BIG I could see every beady little eye asdfghjkl;

Rational creature I am (snort), I immediately screamed. I think it was me screaming or jumping back, but either way the fucking spider decided to drop. It dropped from the ceiling and nearly hit me and I am unashamed in admitting I screamed again. Like, a bloody murder scream.

... And then I ran out of the bathroom and whimpered for a bit. I did eventually kill it though (cruel yes, but I have no mercy for spiders that big).

Jesus Christ I hate Australia for its spiders. IT WAS THE SIZE OF MY HAND. WHHHHY? My home if full of spiders, which is fine, but huntsman spiders, though generally harmless, are huge and hairy and so creepy. I don't get my selective phobia. There's a daddy longlegs in the corner of my bedroom but I leave it alone and we're totally cool with each other. If we could have conversations, they'd be like:

Me: "Hi there, spider. I'll leave you alone and we'll be cool, okay?"
Daddy longlegs: "Yeah, man! I'll just be sitting here nomming on some insects and generally staying still!"

But when I see a huntsman, I'm all Kill it! KILL IT NAO!

SIGH. *wanders off somewhere*


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