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obligatory introductory post

Hi, my penname in most places is [ profile] tellytubby101, though my nickname's Telly. :D

I'm an Australian-born Asian. Reading, over the years, has become my drug - I get withdrawals if I don't have enough books at hand. Writing is very quickly becoming a similar dependant; my fingers twitch when I can't get rid of all these ideas and make-believe conversations in my head. Acrylics and watercolours are my favourite mediums to use when I paint, and I am incredibly fond of doing pencil sketches.

You've probably wandered here looking for my fanfic hosted here (or maybe here, too; other pertinent links can be found in the sidebar). I enjoy writing angst / character death more than any other genre, though I do love the occasional character study. Shipping-wise, I don't normally do OTPs, so you'll be able to find me reading/writing/reviewing a variety of ships, regardless of slash, femslash or het.

On the topic of friending - I don't mind if you wish to friend/de-friend me. Usually I will friend back, unless your journal is blank or inactive. All of my fanfiction is public; normally only minor RL things I f-lock, and those are hardly interesting anyway.

So: my favourite trenchcoat is a vivid purple; I constantly mispronounce words like strawberries and almonds; and I adore jamoca almond fudge ice-cream. Those are all the important things to know, anyway. XD
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