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If Fandom and Original Fiction were real people, this would be one of my conversations.


Fandom, you may be wondering why it looks like I've abandoned writing for you. Well. It's time I told you. You're going to find out anyway. I might as well admit it. I'm cheating on you with Original Fiction. I'm terrible. I've started so many Original Fiction stories behind your back, Fandom, I'm so sorry.

These stories are taking me away from you. The gap between you and I, it's growing everyday.

Oh God. I know. Stop looking at me like that! I can't help it. The shame. But I can't help it. There are cravings that only Original Fiction can sate. I've written roughly 25,000 words collectively and I can't stop. It's like a drug.

If it makes you feel better, it doesn't feel as good as fanfiction. I mean, there are things, Fandom, things that we can do that I nearly take for granted. Weird kinks and stories that are pure crack. Crossovers. Character pieces that are short and insightful. None of this world building crap of Original Fiction.

Original Fiction is so clingy, like it depends on me. Gah! You know that pressure? Of course not! There are ton of people propping you up, so I can leave you alone and not feel like I'm completely abandoning you, but Original Fiction is always harping on about write this and write that. It wheedles its way into my mind and won't leave.

Look at me talk about the Other Muse in front of you! That's in poor taste. I'm so sorry Fandom, forgive me. I'll do anything to get back on your good side. I'll do some work at the Anon. Meme. You always like that, don't you? And maybe when I get some time, I'll sign up for another fest for something?

Oh come on. Stop sulking. I haven't left you! Original Fiction is a shallow fling. I'll always come back to you, Fandom. Always.


It's a wonder I haven't been locked up. I'm a wee bit crazy sometimes. ;)
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Gave my friend the money to buy some Supanova tickets. Yay~!

(To those who don't know, Supanova is like the Australian version of America's Comi-Con. To those who don't know what Comi-Con is, it's like a huge fan gathering place where you can cosplay, buy merchandise and generally squee happily at fandom being around you in RL. America's one is meant to be massive. Australia's convention... is a bit smaller, but still fairly epic.)

I am going to buy a ton of Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) stuff (figurines, mostly), Full Metal Alchemist posters and manga (I want to buy the entire series tbh), Hetalia season two figurines (if they sell them) and maybe Ichigo's final Bankai sword (from Bleach) though I'm not buying the real metal stuff like a friend of mine is going to do.

Except he's going to get Zorro's three swords from One Piece. However, the idiot forgot that we're planning on taking public transport (because parking in the city is a bitch to do on Saturdays) and that taking a damn metal sword on a train is likely to get him kicked off.

Can't get any more Death Note stuff though. I've got like a shelf of that crap, not to mention that sling on bag, too. But whatever.

So yeah, the shopping list is: figurines, posters, manga and a sword. OH! Maybe I'll get something utterly dorky like a forehead protector from Naruto. I am going to be sooo broke next month! Suppose I can't get those utterly tempting Copic markers anymore. *Sigh*.

AND I'm going to man up and actually take photos with cosplayers this year. Last year (my first time) I was too chicken shit to ask anyone until my friend saw stormtroopers and fangirled like mad (Star Wars nut, fyi) and we got a pic with them. And some people dressed as Pokemon, but yeah. XD I want a photo with Alphonse Elric (in the suit), dammit! And I will jump any Hetalia cosplayers. ;P

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I've just written like 15,000+ words for Inception in the span of two weeks. Another few thousand are coming. Oh God what the hell is wrong with me?

Those Naruto updates I've been working on? Stumped. The characters are on strike. WTF.

That Merlin fanfic? Going nowhere. But downhill.


*Throws chairs around like a crazy mo-fo*.

And Sherlock fandom - stop looking so damned pretty! *Hiss*. I don't need another fandom right now!

Hunger Games and Kuroshitsuji and Doctor Who: I've totally forgotten about them, too. T^T
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Today I bought volume one of Hetalia: Axis Powers manga. Let us all take a moment to fangirl over the awesomeness of that particular manga/anime. :D Money well spent, me thinks.

Anyway, I was reading the back cover and it had a little warning-box thing in red.

Rated: OT (older teen) age 16+

May include:
  • Non-sexual descript nudity
  • Mild violence
  • Moderate language
  • Mild fanservice
  • Alcohol use

Did you catch it? No? Well then let's see that again:

  • Moderate language
  • Mild fanservice
  • Alcohol use

I am torn between two questions:

a) Since when did "fanservice" require warning?


b) If they consider Hetalia to have "mild" fanservice, WTF do they consider "heavy"?

Regardless, I totally encourage you to get into the Hetalia fandom and fall in love with the characters and wayward plot. The basis of the idea is each character represents a country, and using history, shows how these characters/countries react around each other. It's really interesting and while semi-historical, seems to make fun of everything and anything in a good way.

Now I have the little figurines (first season) and the first volume of the manga. Next for me to go get? The Hetalia anime. I want to hear the dubbing on the episodes--regardless on how stupid it sounds in English!


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