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My friend messaged me the following:

"Oh my God, I hate everything and I have so much work but I'm procrastibating because I am so bloody lazy."
Did you notice it? Read it again. If not, then:




Say it aloud. ;D

The terrible thing is that it's not entirely non-sensical. That might have been an intentional mispelling. O_O Funnily enough, that wouldn't even touch the list of top TMI things she's ever sent/said, so hmmm, quite possible indeed.
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I'll admit: I only clicked on this because of my namesake. But trust me, it's legitimately good for a laugh.  


"You got to keep them alive... barely alive."
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This video made my day:

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You know how I was bitching about having to attend a dull ass convention in this post?

The mate who was taking me was pulling my leg the entire time. It was epic. She made fake brochures and tickets, had me completely taken in that what we were going to was a motivational convention.

I should've have Googled that shit, but I'm lazy. So I believed it was a motivational convention, complete with hot rooms and dull speeches. But it wasn't.

It was a goddamn arts convention. ♥

Which explained the dancing warning. (I didn't take it seriously, silly me). The old school waltz-type dancing soon morphed into a club scene that lasted from night to early morning.

It was brilliant on so many levels. There was lots of paint, upbeat music, dancing, and, I'll admit, some very cute guys. One of them was an absolute gem and knew his music and sciences. :DD

For hours, I got to paint on his huuuge canvas on the floor with both brushes and my hands and talk to other people who liked painting. It was so wonderful. My friend went to the choir because singing is her thing.

So instead of tolerating it, I enjoyed it. A lot. I even smushed paint into my friend's face when she popped over to tell me lunch was on. All is good. Except for sore feet, but really, that was my fault for not bringing the proper footwear.
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Best crossover ever


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