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I wish I went to the midnight screening on Tuesday, but oh well. Time constraints ruin everything. In other news, at least I finally saw it!!!

So, I saw this in 3D. Will be seeing it again in 2D. The 3D was a little pointless, but oh well. Everything was still really stunning.


spoilers )


ALSO, there were some people in the audience laughing/giggling at the really intense/serious moments. I wanted to applaud when someone told them to STFU. GRR.

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Guys. I mean, guys. Holy shit, Tumblr wasn't kidding. There is a lot of EMOTIONAL MAN-FEELINGS in this movie. asdfghjkl;

Erik/Charles. DUDE, MY FRIEND COULD (sort of) SEE IT. She was all, "They shouldn't fight. They should stay together and save the world and keep teaching the kids," and then she proceeded to make aeroplane noises. Don't diss her. She's pretty awesome. Aeroplane noises. Anyway, she probably didn't slash it, but she did say their bromance was pretty fucking intense. So points there.

Ah, IDK. Maybe my rose-coloured slash goggles fixed some of the scenes for me.

Though, come on. That scene with the touching. Oh, I'm sorry, I need to pluralise that. All those scenes with the touching. ALL OF THEM. And the eye contact. And how Erik so easily shared his mind with Charles. AWWW. ♥ forever. Am I sounding a little fangirly? I'm sorry, I'm in such a good mood. Ice-cream + finished all my exams = major buzz high right now.

spoilers and fangirling is mostly hidden by the cut - BEWARE OF RANDOM CAPITALISATION! )

Anyway, all I have to say now is some RL stuff, which I'll put in another post. Cheers!

(also, I was wondering does anyone know where I could find the movie online? I want to rewatch it ahaha)

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Suuuuuucked so baaaad.

It was nicely done, aesthetically speaking, but the plot. Or should I say, the LACK of plot.

UGGGH. WHAT DID I WASTE TWO HOURS WATCHING? *Headdesk.* Seriously. That was mindless. I disliked the lack of direction/plot/description/etc.

Jack is a great minor character, but God, as a major character he feels like a Gary Stu. IDK.

WTF WAS UP WITH THE MERMAID AND THAT DUDE? asdfghjkl; There were so many pointless, poorly written sub-plots. Ridiculous.

*Headdesks some more.* Why do they keep dragging this franchise out? (Because stupid idiots like me go see it...) BLARGHY. Sad thing is, if there's another movie, I'll see it. D:

At least I caught up with an old friend and had a good time. :)

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Final Rating: 5 out of 10.

Quick Summary: Adam and Emma are just friends with benefits. Nothing more. Right?

Ehh, I'm indifferent. )

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Final Rating: 3 out of 10.

Quick Summary: Based off the book of the same name by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels, is meant to be a thrilling adventure of discovering far off worlds--except an adaption from the perspective of a modern man.

All in all, this sucked. )


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