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... and all my brother is doing is constantly showing me pics from a Tumblr blog "Kim Jong Il looking at things" whilst laughing hysterically. Apparently there is also a Facebook page, dear God.

2011 was not a good year for dictators, man.
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I was just thinking, what would aliens think if they ever happened to listen to the English language?

Because I say "shit" and "crap" a lot, you know, when I screw something up (drop something, trip, burn myself or spill something, etc.). I also say "what the fuck" quite a bit. My part of Australia is pretty relaxed about swear words - to be fair, I live in a pretty bogan area - but would aliens know about that? If they only had a limited time to study what is admittedly a very complicated, convoluted language, would they be able to realise the context?

Or would they think humans have a very strange and constant fascination with bodily discharge and reproduction/coupling? "Shit, mate, that's the fucking balls!" is one such example of how colloquial English could confuse any eavesdropping extraterrestrial beings. "Holy shit" or "Holy crap" may even make them think we worship it.

I would image that the report would read something like, "Humans seem very comfortable with mentioning excrement in the middle of conversations or even moments of heightened pleasure / high-energy (i.e. sex, fighting) without prompt or explanation." And if they run a scan to double check, they might come across scat, watersports, etc.

In short: I really hope if we're visited by aliens they can understand sarcasm/tones/context of language. Also, that they don't invade and enslave humanity.
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What do you want in a review/critique?

I'm asking you guys because I want to know. There seems to be some discrepancy in how people think feedback should be delivered.

my personal ideas on critiquing; though I'm more interested to hear your view )
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Holy hell, where has my week gone?

Reasons for being generally AWOL from LJ include:

- the DDoS attacks that have been affecting LJ crashing everything
- RL has gotten busy again with the beginnings of second semester uni and whatnot
- I'm beta'ing a RL friend's original fiction trilogy (she's hoping to get published)
- doing this science mural commission thing
- also painting a frame for a friend and a canvas abstract piece
- planning on entering more original fiction competitions

Have I bitten more than I can chew? PERHAPS. =___=

But I am working on Spring Edition and a motley of other miscellaneous fics, don't worry!
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So, it turns out my hastily bought temporary phone has an eBook thing on it. Naturally, my first thought was I can read fanfiction on the bus? The second thought was, I can't believe I thought that. Then I realised that yes, I can read slash on the bus asdfghjkl;' WIN. No shame. :P

This is great because my commute to campus is about 45 minutes, give or take. D: I normally take a book, but I think I've mentioned that I prefer having a selection of books on hand. Some days I want to read crack, other days angst!fic. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

Anyway, it will only support .txt files or .pdb files. I know how to convert to .txt, but I want to change some of my .pdfs into .pdbs. Googling has found no good sites for me. (One did do the conversion for free, but when I looked, it would randomly insert advertising in the text, annoying me.) Any suggestions?


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