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obligatory introductory post

Hi, my penname in most places is [ profile] tellytubby101, though my nickname's Telly. :D

trust me not to rise with the morning sun, too bright )
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The last few months since my last post ... have been difficult, to say the least. I don't really want to talk about the stuff that happened, because I'm trying to focus on the good things. So, a list, in no particular order, of the good things that happened in the last two weeks:
  1. Passed all my university exams with flying colours - I AM FREE NOW, THANK GOD
  2. No longer suicidal or actively depressed
  3. My autistic brother hugged me and said he was proud of me (which he has never done before in my entire life, I nearly started sobbing)
  4. Tomorrow I'm flying out to Sydney for a quick holiday and to see the Harry Potter museum exhibit
  5. I've finished an original fiction novella at 20k
  6. I'm 10k into a meta BNF!AU fanfiction for the Avengers
  7. Was given American Gods as a gift, bought Unwind and Inheritance, so I've got some lovely (re)reading material for the holidays
As seen in point 6, I've starting writing fanfiction again. I had been writing more original fiction during the accidental hiatus because it was a coping mechanism for the most part. Strangely enough, I think writing that story helped me more than my friends or family, which sounds horrible, but is true.

Anyway, in the works is more of that model!AU for XM:FC, the fic described in point 6, and maybe some Sherlock if I feel up to it. I wanted to sign up for a Big Bang, but I don't think I'm quite ready to jump right back in like that.
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What do you want in a review/critique?

I'm asking you guys because I want to know. There seems to be some discrepancy in how people think feedback should be delivered.

my personal ideas on critiquing; though I'm more interested to hear your view )
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So, it turns out my hastily bought temporary phone has an eBook thing on it. Naturally, my first thought was I can read fanfiction on the bus? The second thought was, I can't believe I thought that. Then I realised that yes, I can read slash on the bus asdfghjkl;' WIN. No shame. :P

This is great because my commute to campus is about 45 minutes, give or take. D: I normally take a book, but I think I've mentioned that I prefer having a selection of books on hand. Some days I want to read crack, other days angst!fic. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

Anyway, it will only support .txt files or .pdb files. I know how to convert to .txt, but I want to change some of my .pdfs into .pdbs. Googling has found no good sites for me. (One did do the conversion for free, but when I looked, it would randomly insert advertising in the text, annoying me.) Any suggestions?
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My friend messaged me the following:

"Oh my God, I hate everything and I have so much work but I'm procrastibating because I am so bloody lazy."
Did you notice it? Read it again. If not, then:




Say it aloud. ;D

The terrible thing is that it's not entirely non-sensical. That might have been an intentional mispelling. O_O Funnily enough, that wouldn't even touch the list of top TMI things she's ever sent/said, so hmmm, quite possible indeed.
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