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Today I bought volume one of Hetalia: Axis Powers manga. Let us all take a moment to fangirl over the awesomeness of that particular manga/anime. :D Money well spent, me thinks.

Anyway, I was reading the back cover and it had a little warning-box thing in red.

Rated: OT (older teen) age 16+

May include:
  • Non-sexual descript nudity
  • Mild violence
  • Moderate language
  • Mild fanservice
  • Alcohol use

Did you catch it? No? Well then let's see that again:

  • Moderate language
  • Mild fanservice
  • Alcohol use

I am torn between two questions:

a) Since when did "fanservice" require warning?


b) If they consider Hetalia to have "mild" fanservice, WTF do they consider "heavy"?

Regardless, I totally encourage you to get into the Hetalia fandom and fall in love with the characters and wayward plot. The basis of the idea is each character represents a country, and using history, shows how these characters/countries react around each other. It's really interesting and while semi-historical, seems to make fun of everything and anything in a good way.

Now I have the little figurines (first season) and the first volume of the manga. Next for me to go get? The Hetalia anime. I want to hear the dubbing on the episodes--regardless on how stupid it sounds in English!


Nov. 9th, 2010 05:05 pm
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Should I feel bad for writing fanfiction?

I don't make money from it. I don't physically hurt anyone from it. I make some people happy by writing it.

Still, it's someone else's characters and world I play with. Does that bother them, I wonder?

Should it bother me that I use their world to make one of mine?


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