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I wish I went to the midnight screening on Tuesday, but oh well. Time constraints ruin everything. In other news, at least I finally saw it!!!

So, I saw this in 3D. Will be seeing it again in 2D. The 3D was a little pointless, but oh well. Everything was still really stunning.


spoilers )


ALSO, there were some people in the audience laughing/giggling at the really intense/serious moments. I wanted to applaud when someone told them to STFU. GRR.

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I'm flailing with happiness. Australia is a week behind, but I couldn't help but watch part two online. So now I'm all caught up.



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The amazingly talented Fensterseifer painted Artist!Sherlock painting John when I caught her 24k Kiriban. Oh my God, go look at the pretty and shower her with love. ♥
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I know I said I'd be away for three days. Well, technically I was. Then I couldn't go on for another four days on top of that because I literally slept through the weekend (at the festival I only got nine hours sleep max over three days) and then the next two were catch-up work. UGH.

Anyway, I didn't win national, which is okay because I had so much fun. Seriously, for the most part I was positively glowing. I met so many lovely people, people who read and wrote and loved it all as much (if not more) than I, and the other state winners were absolutely amazing to meet and deserved their placings.

Saw a whole bunch of authors talk about how they wrote, how they were published, etc. That was fascinating on so many levels. They all had their own styles and stories to tell about the publishing world. One girl wrote a story at 15, got published at 16 and is now 17 and doing these huge ass talks at festivals/competitions like the one I went to. WOW! I mean, daaamn, stuff I wrote at 15 would never get considered for publishing. *Shoves old writing in a box and burns it*.

Lots of dinners and lunches. Made me wish I'd packed fancier clothing (how was I to know there was a damn cocktail party first night there?!) but oh well, I looked decent, which was good enough. Hell, I even wore makeup. That's tedious for me. I've decided posting no pictures because all of them include other winners, who I know are very private people.

Got money and a medal. And a serious publisher's feedback letter about my story! I AM SO PLEASED. I am framing that, no joke. It makes wonderful, decent points that I will take into account when writing fanfiction in the future. 

GAH, I have the numbers/emails to some editors/publishers. WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? I  kind of have a story idea that I might seriously go about working on - since I have a teeny weeny possibility of getting it published - but to be totally honest, I don't think I will. I'm too... shy? to seriously get my work considered and whatnot. Entering the competition was done for a laugh - getting published would require serious thought. I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. Maybe. I'm too tired to be making life-changing decisions.

*Rolls around on the floor*. Because that's what I do at midnight, you know.

BLARGHY. So many unanswered emails and comments. I will get to you soon. I feel so behind in RL and on the Internet. *Sigh*.
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Won't be here for three days. LOL, no one would notice, I barely post anything anyway.

I won the state section of an original fiction competition for a novella I submitted a while back.^

Am going for three day festival + dinner where I have to wear a stupid dress because it's "formal attire" where the nation-wide winner is going to be announced. *Fingers crossed*. Either way, I get money which is totally going towards my Supanova funds. *Is shallow*. But the really cool thing is that I'll get to meet and talk to publishers. About what, I have no idea. I don't know if I want to actually publish anything. *Clings to the anonymity of fanfiction*.

Doubtful that I will get much time for Internet or even a connection there. That will suck. Will miss you guys. *Hugs*. Also, I don't think I'll get much fic-writing done during the duration. My Art of the Reasoner updates will be delayed due to this. Sorry. However, I will be testing out a new camera and might post pictures. I don't know.

Anyway, ta~!

^Before I forget, a HUGE round of applause to unbelievable [ profile] unjaundiced for beta'ing the 15,000+ word fic. Absolutely amazing. She listened through my whining, brainstorming and insecurities about the fic and without her, I don't think it could have been awesome enough for the judges to even consider it. So, send cyber-cookies her way because she totally deserves them. :DDD


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