May. 29th, 2011

tellytubby101: (ZOMBIES!!!)

I don't really know where to start.

First, not dead. I've just been busy. My workload has quadrupled.

Fic wise, nada. There will be some eventually though, I know it. I've got a few pretty concrete plans. One includes Sherlock and the Nobel Prize. Won't say more than that. :)

Original fic wise, I have ten projects (plus) totalling 50,000 words or so. I keep starting original fics and then at the 5000 word mark or so, I'll ditch the idea and start a new one. Original fiction just doesn't hold my attention like fanfiction.

I've been suffering from bouts of depression. But since talking to a RL friend about it, it's been getting better.

Also been spending time trolling Omegle looking for people who wouldn't mind taking part in hilariously cracky conversations. So far I have been shrunk to three inches and became king of the fairies, I've taken over the world and made Canada my HQ, and I've been married and divorced several times, a notable occasion where my ex- became a murderer who killed specifically with a knife opener. Yeeeah. :D

Highlight of the week from an online convo with RL mate:
Me: I'm just so anal about details sometimes.
Them: No shit.
Them: OH MY GOD YESSS totally unintentional
... Not that funny, but I don't care.


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